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When using the words 'our', or 'we', in this document, it is refering to Suzanne Gardner-Cuthbert Hypnotherapy.

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The owner of this website is Suzanne Gardner-Cuthbert, trading as Suzanne Gardner-Cuthbert Hypnotherapy


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Such material on this website may not be suitable for each person’s personal circumstances or conditions and if you have any doubts or concerns you should seek medical help, or contact Suzanne Gardner Cuthbert hypnotherapy for a personal consultation be trying anything discussed or written about on this website.

We shall not be responsible or liable for any third party content contained in any articles, materials, linked to or contained with this website.  And therefore, we are not liable for any loss or damage, be that emotional, psychological, or financial. 

We have the right to remove any blog post comments that are disrespectful or abusive, or that are deemed inappropriate. We have the right to remove any advertising or promotional posts that do not have permission to post on the website.  

We seek to update the content on this website on a regular basis.  Amendments may be made to both the content and business policies.  Therefore, it is recommeded that you re visit our policies when returning to the website. 

There may be times when the pages or content on this website is not available due to maintaining the website or if there is any change to the service provided by our website provider.   


The content on this website shall remain the absolute property of Suzanne Gardner-Cuthbert Hypnotherapy and no title to any materials of any nature shall pass to the website user.  You should therefore not copy, print, reproduce or download any content on this website, without first seeking permission from Suzanne Gardner-Cuthbert Hypnotherapy. The photographs on this website are provided by Fotolia, create and from Suzanne Gardner-Cuthbert.  You are not premitted to print, copy, reproduce, or download any photos on this website. 

Business Policies

We abide to current laws.  We respect your privacy and adhere to the General Data Protection Regulations.  Please read our Privacy Notice.  

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Please do not link to this website without prior persmission from Suzanne Gardner-Cuthbert Hypnotherapy.   

We are not liable for any third party external links on this website.  And therefore we are not liable for third party content, and any loss or damage that may result from using third party links. 

Limitation of Liability

Suzanne Gardner-Cuthbert shall not be liable for any advice, statement or representation given or made via blog comments, operated or provided by any party, whether it Suzanne Gardner-Cuthbert Hypnotherapy connected to Suzanne Gardner-Cuthbert or otherwise and any such advice, statements should not relied upon without independant professional advice have been sought by the website user or without the website user seeking an independent consultation with Suzanne Gardner-Cuthbert Hypnotherapy.  In default of such advice have been sought, the website user acknowleges that Suzanne Gardner-Cuthbert Hypnotherapy have no liablity for any claim however arising, including but without limitation, injury, death, pure econimic loss, loss of profit, loss of business, or otherwise, in each case whether direct, indirect or consquential.  Or be liable for any percunary emotional or psychological loss or damage.  

Suzanne Gardner-Cuthbert Hypnotherapy shall not be liable for any failure or perceived failure resulting from the material content on this website or any resulting personality change, stress, or relationship difficulties or any other pschological condtion that may arise.  

We shall not be liable in any respect for any misuse by a website user for any content material on this website, or for a website user adapting or using any techniques used or demonstrated by the Suzanne Gardner-Cuthbert Hypnotherapy in material content on the website, without having first consulted Suzanne Gardner-Cuthbert and obtained written guidance from her on any such techniques.

Suzanne Gardner-Cuthbert Hypnotherapy shall maintain as such anti-virus software and secure encryption systems for storage of data and financial transactions as may from time to time be considered reasonable but shall not be liable for any virus or other electronic bug contained in any downloads, software or electronic Product supplied by her or obtained or viewed through any website operated by her or passed on through visiting and using any such website,including any related financial loss arising therefrom.

Nothing in these conditions excludes or limits the liability of Suzanne Gardner-Cuthbert Hypnotherapy if caused by the suppliers negligence.