Session Information

Free Initial Consultation

A FREE initial consultation is available for all sessions, (therapeutic treatments and personal development sessions).  

At this consultation:

  • You can find out more on how I can help you. 
  • You can find out more information about the treatments that I use.
  • You can ask any further questions that you may have.
  • You can discuss the nature of your issue.
  • I will assess your suitability for the treatment by asking you questions about your medical history
  • I will inform you of my practice information details. 


This consultation will last between 30-60 mins.

There will be no obligation to book any paid sessions at the end of this session.

Treatments Used During Sessions

I am trained in EFT, Stress Management, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Hypnobirthing.  During sessions I may use a combination of therapies.  Find out more about the treatments that I use

Paid Sessions

The length of a therapeutic treatment or personal development session is 1.5 hours.  The cost of a session is £95 pounds

Hypnobirthing basic Course (2 x 1.5 hour sessions) - £190.00

Hypnnobirthing Advanced Course (5x 1.5 hour sessions) £475.00

Positive Mindset Programme for Business Owners (4 x 1.5 hour sessions) £380 


Payments are to be made in advance prior to the session.  

I will contact you four days prior to the session, to confirm the date and time of the session. If payment has not been made, I will remind you that the payment is due.  If no payment is made prior to the arranged session the session will be cancelled.   

Cancellation Policy

If you wish to alter or change the time of the provision of a service, then you must give at least 48 hours prior notice in writing of such change or the full price of the service will be payable without refund. 

If you wish to withdraw from a service before it has been provided or commenced , you must give at least 48 hours notice. Failure to give 48 hours notice will result in a cancellation charge being payable, the full price of the service shall be payable without refund.

If you encounter an unexpected emergency situation or if you are unable to attend because of a covid situation, please inform Suzanne Gardner-Cuthbert Hypnotherapy as soon as you possibily can.  You will not be subjected to any cancellation fee and will be able to re-book your session. 

There may be times that Suzanne Gardner-Cuthbert Hypnotherapy has to cancel your session due to illness or any other unexpected urgent situation.  You session will be re arranged and you will not be subjected to any cancellation fee.



If you arrive for a session and are less than 20 minutes late, the session shall go ahead but the session will be a shorter session and the minutes lost will not be honoured. 

If you arrive for a session and are more than 20 minutes late the session will be cancelled and payment for the full session will still be required.

Online Sessions

Online sessions are not available for all therapies or issues.  If your session is available online, you must be free from alcholol and drugs during the sessions.  You must not record the session by any means.  Please ensure that you are in a safe enviroment with no distractions.  

If there is a technical issue before or during a session and the issue can't be resolved, the session will be rearranged.  You will not be subjected to any cancellation fee.  A contact phone number will be required for communication purposes.