Pregnancy Support

Pregnancy And Birth Support Programmes

I remember my first pregnancy over 20 years ago now, all excited about giving birth to my little bundle of joy but at the same time I was anxious and nervous about going through childbirth and also worrying about coping with the demands and pressures of being a new mum. 

How are you feeling about your pregnancy? 

  • Are you feeling JOYFUL and looking forward to being a parent? or if your pregnancy was unplanned, are you feeling SHOCKED?  
  • Are you feeling STRESSED? 
  • Are you experiencing any FEARS or WORRIES?
  • Do you feel BURDENED about the changes the new baby will bring?   Are you worried or stressed about having a new responsibility, changes to lifestyle or a loss of freedom?

Negative feelings and emotions take away the peace and joy from pregnancy.  

I AM HERE TO SUPPORT YOU and can help you

  • Help you to have a more RELAXED and CALM pregnancy by teaching you RELAXATION and STRESS MANAGEMENT techniques that you could use in pregnancy, labour and beyond.
  • Help you with YOUR FEELINGS about becoming a parent and changes in lifestyle.
  • Help you to HEAL from past pregnancy issues and difficult birth experiences
  • Help you to RELEASE any FEARS that you are experiencing
  • Help you with SMOKING CESSATION


"It's my misson the help YOU feel confidently calm in pregnancy, birth and beyond"