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Emotional Pregnancy Support

Pregnancy Emotional Support Sessions

Emotions & Feelings During Pregnancy

"I remember my first pregnancy over 25 years ago now, all excited about giving birth to my little bundle of joy but at the same time I was anxious and nervous about going through childbirth and also worrying about coping with the demands and pressures of being a new mum".

It is common for Mums to be and some Dad's too, to experience negative emotions and feelings during what should be a joyous and exciting time in their life. 


Negative emotions take away the peace and joy from pregnancy

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Pregnancy Support Sessions

If you are needing some help, my Pregnancy Support Sessions could help YOU.  Each session will be tailored for your personal needs and requirements.   

I can help you with any of the following : -

  • Release fears and worries about labour and birth and help you develop a positive mindset
  • Release pregnancy fears and worries 
  • Release negative emotions associated with a previous difficult pregnancy or birth
  • Reduce and manage stress - I can teach you self-help techniques and strategies that you can apply into your everyday life.
  • Help you mentally prepare for a C-Section
  • Help you mentally prepare for Parenthood 
  • Help you change habits - such as developing new positive eating habits.

I use a combination of therapies during sessions.  Find out more about the therapy modalities that I use.