Hypnobirthing Q&A

When Can I Start The Course?

You can attend the course anytime from 20 weeks of pregnancy.  You should allow enough time, so that you are able to practice the techniques.  The relaxation techniques taught on the course, will benefit you during your pregnancy.  

If you are under 20 weeks of pregnancy and interested in hypnobirthing, you can pre-book this course in advance.   

Who can attend this course with me?

I welcome the attendance of the birthing partner, as I encourage the birthing partner to have an active role to support and assist you with the techniques taught during the course. However, if the birthing partner is unable to attend, I will provide you with information that you can share with the birthing partner. 

What Are Benefits of Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirth mums often experience shorter labours and will either experience no pain or reduced pain throughout labour. The relaxation techniques taught on this natural birth programme will benefit you during pregnancy, labour and postnatally.  Find out more about the benefits of hypnobirthing.

When Using Self-Hypnosis Will I Be Out Of IT And Miss The Birth?

No, you won't be `out of it and miss the birth.  When using self-hypnosis for childbirth, you will feel relaxed and still be aware of what is going on.  Find out more about hypnosis