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Hypnobirthing And It's Benefits

What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing empowers mums-to-be to birth their baby with confidence believing in their ability that they can cope with labour and not dread or fear childbirth. Hypnobirthing teaches a range of techniques that can be used throughtout labour, to help you to have a calm, confident birth experience. This course uses the easibirthing ® method and uses a combination of self hypnosis, relaxation, breathing techniques and visualisation techniques, to help prepare both mind and body for birth.

Hypnobirthing Techniques Allow the Body to Birth as Nature Intended

If you go into labour feeling fearful and anxious, then your body will become tense and as a result hinder the birthing process.  The bodies stress response is acivated when fear and anxiety are experienced and the hormone cortisol is released which affects the production of oxytocin.  Oxytocin is the hormone that is needed during labour to keep contractions efficient and labour progressing.  As a result of the lack of oxytocin, women often experience very painful and slowed down labours.

Childbirth Can Actually Be A Wonderful Experience

 Hypnobirthing techniques used during labour, will switch off the stress response and maintain the production of oxyocin. As a result, the body is allowed to birth as nature intended and labour can progress more easily and efficiently.

The Benefits of Hypnobirthing

The benefits of hypnobirthing are:- 

  • Reduces fear and anxiety
  • Increases confidence in the ability to cope during labour
  • Hypnobirth mums often experience shorter labours.  
  • Birth Partner's can provide support and be involved in the childbirth process.
  • Eliminates or reduces the need for medical pain relief. (Hypnobirth mums will either experience no pain with tummy tightenings during contractions or reduced pain during contractions)
  • Reduces the need for further medical intervention.
  • Hypnobirth babies tend to be more calmer, laid back babies.
  • Hypnobirth babies have higher APGAR scores.
  • Promotes lactation for breast feeding.
  • Promotes recovery in the post natal period.
  • Experience more positive emotions in pregnancy and during labour, and in the post natal period.
  • The relaxation you will learn, can be used during pregnancy, during labour, in the postnatal period and beyond.


"It is my mission to help you feel confidently calm in pregnancy, birth and beyond"

Hypnobirthing Courses

 You have a choice of attending a basic or advanced hypnobirthing course. 

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