Suzanne Gardner-Cuthbert uses her own version of EFT. When using EFT with your own issues, you must accept full responsibility for applying EFT, and to accept full responsibility for your own physical and emotional wellbeing.

You must consult with a qualified medical Practitioner, if you are suffering from any physical ailments, or are expereincing any mental symptoms.EFT is not intended to replace advice, or treatment, given by a qualified medical practitioner. Please consult with your medical practitioner before using EFT techniques. If EFT resolves your issue, you should not stop taking any prescribed medication, without consulting with your GP.

EFT should not be used by anyone who has mental health issues, diagnosed or not, or for anyone with a history of mental health issues. 

EFT is not suitable for epilepsy suffers and by anyone who is suffering from psychological issues, which has developed from severe trauma or abuse. Do not use EFT on serious issues that require professional help. These techniques are meant as a tool to help you with the ups and down in daily life and not to be used on issues that require professional help. 

The crown tapping point is not to be used by people who suffer from high blood pressure. (See EFT Tapping Points Diagram)

The EFT Tapping can be used by pregnant women. However, pregnant women must not use the ankle point when tapping.

Occasionally when EFT tapping, some people find that repressed emotions, memories or physical sensation appear. This usually happens when there are other apsects of issue to be addressed. It is possible that when using EFT, you could experience some crying, if the tapping brings up an upsetting issue to the surface. Since using EFT on myself and with clients, I have not had any reported side effects, other than what I have mentioned above. My understanding from my EFT learning, is that negative side effects are rare, if EFT is used as instructed. Research indicates, that there have been a few rare reports, of people feeling worse after using EFT, but it would be difficult to establish, if it was actually the EFT that made a person feel worse. However, if you do experience any side effects using EFT, stop using EFT until you have consulted with a qualified EFT Practitioner and/or a Medical Practitioner if this is appropriate. 

As a self help technique, EFT is meant for you to use to help you with the ups and downs of daily life. It is not advised for you to use these techniques, on complex issues, such as fears and phobias, traumas, and with deeply upsetting issues. An EFT Practitioner that has been trained to use gentle methods of EFT can be consulted on such issues. 

Suzanne Gardner-Cuthbert will not take any responsibility for claims made by others that you teach EFT to.