EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)


The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a very powerful self help tapping technique that was developed from Thought Field Therapy, by Gary Craig in the 90's. 

EFT uses the same meridian energy system as Chinese Medicine. It is similar to accupunture but does not use needles. EFT uses self-accupressure tapping on certain meridian endpoints on the face and body whilst using a talk therapy at the same time. The tapping is combined with modern psychology to provide an effective healing modality.

When we think about or experience an emotional upset, this results in the electrical energy system becoming disrupted and blocked. This blockage/disruption then creates a negative emotion/feeling.  

Gary Craig the founder of EFT says:- 


When verbalising and focusing on the issue that needs addressing and at the same time tapping on the energy points, releases the blocked energy. The tapping itself produces a calming effect. 

Often in a matter of minutes when tapping, EFT begins to revel it's power to effect change. When the energy for the issue has been re-balanced the negative emotion/feeling disappears. 

As well as emotional healing, physical healing may occur. Long-term emotional conflicts/stress can manifest into physical issues. Emotional issues affect body chemistry (mind and body are one system). When these emotional issues have been resolved with the tapping, physical symptoms and ailments can often change or subside. 

It is easy to learn the basic EFT process and therefore it can be used as a self-help technique.

I first came across EFT when studing for my Hypnotherapy Diploma.  I first thought it was a bit weird, but soon after using EFT, I realised the benefits of this technique.  I am now very passionate about this technique, and think it is a fabulous tool to use.  


A Basic Description Of The EFT Tapping Procedure

The Description Below Is Intended To Describe A Brief Outline of The Tapping Process And Is Not Intended To Be An Instruction on How To Use EFT.  

Before the tapping commences, the emotional intensity of the issue is assessed on a scale rating of 0-10. With 10 being the most intense feeling. After this assessment, the process commences with tapping a point on the hand whilst verbalising the problem and finishing the sentence with a self acceptance statement. 

(Even though I have this________________I deeply and completely accept myself). 

After the tapping process on the hand has been completed three times, the other points are tapped. Starting from the head point and working down the body, self tapping each point, whilst verbalising a shortened statement and tuning into the problem. The rate of the emotional intensity is then reassessed. In most cases the original intensity of the issue will have reduced and a new scale rating is recorded. 

Further rounds of the full tapping procedure are completed until the emotional intensity of the issue has reduced to a zero (no intensity) or is at very low level.


I can help you with just about any upset, issue or problem. 

I have the skills to help you :-

  • Release and heal negative emotions and feelings from past issues, current issues, and future concerns. 
  • Change limiting beliefs, unwanted patterns and habits.


Therapy/coaching sessions are 1.5 hours long. 

As well as face-to-face sessions, therapy/Coaching Sessions can also be held on the via Skype or telephone (Contact me and I will let you know if I can work with you on your issue via Skype or the telephone)

It would be difficult to confirm how many sessions would be required for your issue.  However, the average number of sessions I have with clients is between 1-4 sessions.  Complex issues may require more sessions.


At this consultation you will be able to try out EFT, before we work on your issue and decide if EFT is for you. 

So why not give EFT a try. 

There will be no pressure to book paid sessions after this consultation.  


EFT does not replace medical advice or treatment from a medical healthcare practitioner and therefore you should always consult with your GP before using EFT. 

You must take full responsibility for the use of EFT. If your issue has resolved after using EFT, you should not stop taking any prescribed medication until you have consulted with your GP. 

EFT must not be used by anyone with a history of epilepsy, schizophrenia or other serious mental health disorder and for those who have been so badly traumatised and in their lifetime that have developed severe psychological problems.