The EFT Process


The Description Below Is Intended To Describe A Brief Outline of The Tapping Process And Is Not Intended To Be An Instruction on How To Use EFT.  

Before the tapping commences, the emotional intensity of the issue is assessed on a scale rating of 0-10. With 10 being the most intense feeling. After this assessment, the process commences with tapping a point on the hand whilst verbalising the problem and finishing the sentence with a self acceptance statement. 

(Even though I have this________________I deeply and completely accept myself). 

After the tapping process on the hand has been completed three times, the other points are tapped. Starting from the head point and working down the body, self tapping each point, whilst verbalising a shortened statement and tuning into the problem. The rate of the emotional intensity is then reassessed. In most cases the original intensity of the issue will have reduced and a new scale rating is recorded. 

Further rounds of the full tapping procedure are completed until the emotional intensity of the issue has reduced to a zero (no intensity) or is at very low level.