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Hypnobirthing Courses

Easibirthing® Hypnobirthing Courses

What Is Easibirthing®?

I offer one-to-one hypnobirthing in Hull, East Yorkshire, to prepare you for a calm, confident labour and birth. You can choose to complete either the basics or complete the full course. Course sessions can be tailored to meet your needs and requirements. After completing your course, ongoing support is available if required.  

The easibirthing® method was created by Sharon Mustard in conjunction with midwives and uses a combination of techniques such as self hypnosis, relaxation, visualisation and breathing techniques, to help prepare your mind and body, for a calm, more comfortable, confident labour and birth.  

As a certified easibirthing® childbirth specialist, I will help you to reduce the fear you have about childbirth and help you to increase your confidence in your ability to cope during labour. I will help you to develop a positive, confident mindset for labour and birth. 

This natural birth course is suitable for mums-to-be who are planning a home birth or hospital birth.  This course is suitable, if it's your first pregnancy, second pregnancy or more.   

This course is suitable for for mums-to-be who would like any of the following -

  • A more natural birth 
  • Feel more relaxed and calm during labour and birth
  • To reduce fear and anxiety about birth

Having used hypnobirthing techniques myself for the labour and birth of my 3rd child, I have valuable experience and knowledge, that I can share with YOU.  It is my mission to help you feel confidently calm during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Suzanne Gardner-Cuthbert

The Easibirthing® Courses


The Easibirthing® Hypnobirthing Courses are held in Hull, East Yorkshire.  

You have a choice of either, completing the very basics, or completing the full course. The more you learn, and more you practice the techniques, the more you will benefit from the techniques.

The Basic Course

The basic course is ideal if you are short on time, or would like to learn just the basics of hypnobirthing.  The basic hypnobirthing course is 3 hours  (delivered in 2 x 1.5 hour sessions) and costs £190 pounds.    

During the course, you will learn:-

  • Relaxation and breathing techniques
  • The effects of tension, fear and anxiety in childbirth
  • How birth expectations affect outcome
  • Birth Partner involvement during childbirth
  • Childbirth affirmations. 
  • Content to meet your needs and requirements.


You will receive course material and a hypnosis relaxation mp3. After completing the basic course, additional sessions are available if you require them.  (This is subject to appointment availability) 


Additional Sessions

Each session lasts 1.5 hours and costs £95 per session.  There are 3 additional individual sessions that you could complete.  You can complete as many as you require.  The sessions will be tailored to meet your needs and requirements.  

The Full Course

The full (advanced) hypnobirthing course is 7.5 hours and costs £475.00

The course will be delivered in 5 x 1.5 hours sessions.   

During the course, you will learn:-

  • How to relax and the importance of being calm and relaxed during the later half of pregnancy and during labour.
  • How fear and tension creates pain during labour.
  • Relaxation, self hypnosis and visualisation techniques to use during labour
  • Breathing exercises to use, to breathe through contractions
  • How to trigger calm states during labour 
  • The role of the birthing partner and how they can support and assist on the day of the birth
  • Pain management techniques for stage 1 & 2 of labour
  • How to release fears associated around labour and birthing.
  • Knowledge of each stage of labour (please note this programme does not replace NHS antenatal sessions)
  • Information regarding positions for labour and birth
  • Visualisation for successful breast feeding

You will receive course material and 5 hypnobirthing mp3's. 

Due to limited availability, it is advised to book your hypnobirthing course early. 

After completing your hypnobirthing course, you will need to spend time practicing the techniques that you have been taught.  

Ongoing Support

After you have completed your hypnobirthing,  ongoing support is available, if you require it. This support will be provided via email.  This support is ideal if you have any further questions, or need a recap on any of the techniques that you have learnt. There will be no additional charge for this support.