Manage Stress & Emotions

Online Programme for Business Owners


During this programme you will learn self help techniques that you can use as a tool to manage stress and other emotions. You will also receive one to one Stress Management Coaching and treatment for other emotions.  Each Session will be tailored to your own personal needs.

I am offering you 

 A FREE 30 Minute  Telephone Consultation,  to find out how this programme could benefit YOU.  


YOUR 1st Session is Absolutely FREE (lasting up to 75 mins)

During this session, I will teach you how to recognize stress, the different types of stress and why it is so important to manage stress.

I will introduce you to technique called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)  You will be able to try EFT before booking any further programme sessions.  At the end of this free session, you will have learnt the very basics of EFT and you could use it as self help tool.

And if you wish to continue with the programme, I will use my skills to help you manage and release psychological and emotional issues.  We will work on your identified stress issues, fears and worries, unhelpful beliefs, and other emotions and feelings relating to your business and work/life balance.  During the programme I will use a combination of EFT, Stress Management Techniques, Relaxation Techniques, NLP and Visualization. 

Your sessions will be held at least two weeks apart.  This will allow you time to practice and use the techniques you have learnt. 

There is no obligation to complete the full programme if you do not wish to. 

To Arrange Your FREE 30 Minute Telephone Consultation, Contact Me by clicking on the link below.