Why Its Not OK to Ignore Stress

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You might think that feeling stressed a lot is ok.  That it is just something everybody experiences and is no big deal really. Well, you might be surprised when I say that stress can be very damaging and here’s why.  

Stress is both a biological and psychological response that happens when a stimuli (a stressor) triggers the stress response. We all have our own unique stress triggers.  What things are stressing you out?

When we experience long term stress or continous stress, this can be very harmful to us and create negative effects in both body and mind.  Creating problems physically, emotionally or mentally.  Here are just some of the many effects that stress could have on you. 


  •  More prone to colds, virus’s and infections
  •  Blood pressure may increase
  •  Increase or decrease in appetite,
  •  Aches and Pains,
  •  Digestive problems
  •  Problems with insomnia
  •  Productivity reduced


  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Overwhelm
  • Worry
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Mood Swings


  •  Problems with concentration
  •  Problems with focus
  •  Difficult to think clearly
  •  Problems with memory
  •  Productivity reduced
  •  Tiredness

We experience stress when the stress response (also known as the fight/flight response) is triggered.   The stress response is a survival mechanism that gives the body extra resources to enable a person to deal with emergencies and dangerous situations.   

Many centuries ago, the stress response was an essential survival mechanism for cavemen.  When the cavemen where in danger because of the wild animals that they would come into contact with, the stress response would be activated to provide the cavemen with the extra resources that they needed, so that they could either stay around to fight the wild animal, or to flight as quickly as possible from them.  

When the stress response is activated, the body is flooded with stress hormones.  Blood flow is increased in the muscles (this gave the cavemen extra strength to fight the beasts or more energy to enable them to run away quickly).  This increased blood flow is activated by diverting blood from other parts of the body.  Digestion also stops or slows down. 

In today’s world, we do not encounter dangerous or emergency situations often, but the same stress response is activated by our unique stress triggers.  Modern day life challenges and pressures create stress.

Life has also become busier over the decades and as a result of this, there is an increase of stress in our lifes. 

Do you wish that you didn't feel as stressed out?

A positive way to deal with stress is to use stress management techniques. 

Please note:

The above list of effects must not be used to diagnose yourself.  If you are suffering or think that you might be suffering from stress or have any concerns about your health you must consult with your GP





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