How to Keep Calm, When Someone Does Something To Irritate YOU

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Do you find that it’s not always easy to keep calm when someone comes along and does something to press your buttons?   Maybe you can’t help but rant and rave, as this is your automatic response.

Do you wish that you didn’t get as as wound up as you do?

If you were able to keep calm, you would most probably respond differently to the situation than you would when feeling wound up.  When in a calm state, you will have a clearer mind and respond more appropriately to the situation and feel more in control. 

When feeling irritated and stressed, you won’t feel in control.  You won’t be able to think clearly and you are likely to respond in a non resourceful way, as you will be acting out on these feelings.

Breathing techniques can help to maintain a feeling of calmness or help you calm down.  Breathing techniques can be used before, during or after an upsetting situation. 


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