Mindset Sessions for Business Owners

Are You a Business Owner Feeling Overwhelmed with Negative Emotions and Feelings?

Perhaps you have worries, fears or beliefs that are blocking you from moving forward with your business

Maybe, the current pandemic has left you feeling frustrated, worried and uncertain about your business

Or maybe running your business makes you feel stressed

Or perhaps you are experiencing some other feelings or emotions

Whatever Emotions YOU are Experiencing, DONT DESPAIR!

 I am here to help you and would like to offer your first session with me for FREE.  At this session I will introduce to a technique called  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), EFT is a powerful and effective technique that can help you to release negative emotions.  This technique can be used as a self help technique and at your FREE Session,  I will teach you some of the very basics of how to use EFT as a self-help technique.  Your free session will be deliverd by zoom.   But before then, let me tell you alittle more about EFT.   

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) 

You may have heard EFT being referred to as 'tapping'.  EFT uses self accupressure tapping on certain meridian endpoints on the face and body and uses a talk therapy at the same time.  It's a bit like accupuncture without the needles and is often referred to as psychological accupressure.   If you are a bit nervous about using the face points due to the pandemic, we can leave out those points and add in other points instead.

Newcomers to EFT, often find EFT alittle strange at first, I know I did when I was first introduced to EFT, but I soon released the benefits of the technique, its a fabulous tool to use. EFT is my favourite healing modality that I use on my own issues from time to time.  At the end of your FREE Session you will have learnt the very basics of this technique.  You should find that you achieve some level of success applying the basic EFT procedure, but to gain the best results from EFT, further learning would be required to fully master the technique.  

If you would like to find out more about the EFT Process click here 

Let Me Explain Alittle About How EFT Works

EFT uses the same energy system as chinese medicine does.  It uses the body's electrical energy system.  Our emotions and feelings are 'energy'.  Actually, the word emotion means energy in motion.   

Gary Craig (the founder of EFT), states that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the bodies energy system.   When we use EFT and self tap on the meridain end points, whilst at the same time verbaslise the issue, the disruption in the energy system begins to clear and when the the disruption is completely cleared, the negative emotion often disappears.   

Further Sessions

After your first session you will have learnt the very basics of EFT and be able to take away what you have learnt or you can continue to work with me.   If you wish to have further sessions, I will use my skills to help you to release any negative emotions, feelings or limiting beliefs that are hindering your business.  I will also teach you other useful self help techniques that will be useful to you.   Sessions will be  60 minutes and delivered over zoom.  

So, Why not Give EFT a Try! Contact me TODAY!

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